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O2 Movie Review in Telugu

The central narrative of O2 is intriguing. A bus carrying a group of passengers from Coimbatore to Cochin is buried by rubble after becoming caught in a landslip. Parvathy (Nayanthara) and Veera (Ritwik) are travelling for the latter’s surgery since he needs an oxygen cylinder to breathe. On the same bus as her father, Rafiq (Rishikanth) and his lover Mitra are planning to elope.

Barath Neelakantan’s character, Police Inspector Karunai Rajan, is travelling with a bag of cocaine that he intends to sell. On the bus, there is also a recently released prisoner and an ex-MLA. This ragtag group is what gets trapped beneath mud and rock piles. Will they make it?

Why don’t ladies fight back in Tamil movies has always baffled me. They may not be warriors, but it does not imply that they lack strength. However, most of the time we never witness them take physical offence. This is seen in O2, as Parvathy is seen using her resources wisely to fight back. This “advantage” is swiftly overshadowed by the film’s numerous executional flaws.

O2 has good intentions. It seeks to highlight the unrestrained exploitation of nature by man. Although the idea is not very novel, O2 nonetheless has all the makings of a compelling thriller. It’s also a difficult premise to put into practise. The notion is pitifully buried under enormous clichés, much as how the bus is buried beneath the mud. The discourse is broken up into explanatory sections that explain things. Additionally, the fact that one cliché follows another doesn’t help.

For instance, O2 is adamant that being a mother is a superpower. We hear conversations like “Kadavule kora vechalum, oru amma ninacha adhu seri panna mudiyum,” for instance. (If a mother has faith, she may correct God’s errors.) Additionally, any mother would not remain silent if her child were in danger. That also holds true for Mother Nature.

It thinks that when a mother and son are pleased, they are always tickling one other. A Malayali bystander who saw the landslip stood and cried out to nature, “Oh nature, why so angry!” The wording is irritatingly stiff in addition to discussing topics that don’t need to be explained. Even the most intelligent concepts are obscured by the endless clichés.

Even the close-ups have lip-sync difficulties, which is not helped by the film’s awkward opening. The audience is farther distanced from the current emotional struggle as a result, increasing the detachment. Not to add, there are a number of emotional and non-emotional logical errors. Landslides have pre-built tunnels available.

The adversary always chooses the worst times to start telling “kutti stories.” Not to mention, our rescue operation chief has extensive cheerleading background. In fact, the bus driver slapping Karunai Rajan in the middle of his ranting is one of the greatest scenes in the movie.

O2 fails to impress, despite Nayanthara and Ritwik’s strong efforts. It screams for believability and authenticity.

General Information

DirectorGS VikneshLinkLink
Production CompanyDream Warrior PicturesLinkLink
ScreenplayGS Viknesh
GenreThriller Drama
StoryGS Viknesh
MusicVishal ChandrasekharLinkLink
CinematographerThamizh A AzhaganLinkLink
EditingSelva RKLinkLink
Release Date2022

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