Lucky Lakshmanan

Lucky Lakshmanan Movie in iBOMMA. The movie Lucky Lakshman combines humour, drama, and family viewing. In India, Lucky Lakshman was published on December 30, 2022. Only audiences aged 7 and up are permitted to witness Lucky Lakshman. The movie Lucky Lakshman lasts for 131 minutes. Abhi Ar is the director of Lucky Lakshman.

The author of Lucky Lakshman is Abhi Ar. Important characters in the film were Ameen, Anurag, Kadambari Kiran, Sridevi Kumar, Mokksha, Devi Prasad, Racha Ravi, Raja Ravindra, Master Rohan, Syed Sohel Ryan, Shani Salmon, and Sameer. The movie received an 8.2/10 on IMDb as of February 17, 2023.

Lucky Lakshman Movie Information

Movie Name:Lucky Lakshman
Lucky Lakshman is Rated as:Only for 7+ audiences!
Does Lucky Lakshman movie is Family-Friendly?:Only for 7+ audiences!
Lucky Lakshman Release Date:30 Dec 2022
Lucky Lakshman movie duration / how long is the Lucky Lakshman movie?:131 minutes
Lucky Lakshman Genre:Comedy
Lucky Lakshman Director:Abhi Ar
Lucky Lakshman Writer:Abhi Ar
Lucky Lakshman Based On:Original!
Lucky Lakshman Production Company:Dattatreya Media
Lucky Lakshman Distributed By:Not Known!
Lucky Lakshman Movie Language:Telugu
Lucky Lakshman Movie Released Country:India
Lucky Lakshman DVD Release date:Not Applicable!
Lucky Lakshman Movie Budget:Not Known!
Lucky Lakshman Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide:Not Known!
Lucky Lakshman Movie Box Office Verdict:Flop


  • Ameen
  • Anurag
  • Kadambari Kiran
  • Sridevi Kumar
  • Mokksha
  • Devi Prasad
  • Racha Ravi
  • Raja Ravindra
  • Master Rohan
  • Syed Sohel Ryan
  • Shani Salmon
  • Sameer


Bigg Boss celebrity Sohel performs his job admirably. His deft portrayal of a middle-class individual looks terrific. He also has a great sense of humour and dances well. With his portrayal, he completely and entirely directs the entire movie.

One of the nicest things that has to be noted is the heroine Mokksha’s beautiful appearance and competent performance. In the parts they are given, the remaining performers give it their all.

The plot of the narrative is clear-cut and simply predictable. However, the filmmaker AR Abhi manages to make the predictable tale entertaining by adding a few good comic bits.

This sort of tale has been presented to audiences for years. The film’s writer and director, AR Abhi, tries to play it safe by using a standard rom-com formula. He may have tried to come up with a better story for Sohel. The climax’s emotional scenes are overly theatrical. The tale is only passable overall.

However, several of the people in the movie seem to be there only to fill up the screen time and are therefore unneeded. Lucky Lakshman may have been a better movie with a better storyline. Additionally, the language the filmmaker wrote should have been better.


Lucky Lakshman Title by Ram Miriyala, Hari Priya Maranganti – Play

Oo Meri Jaan by Anurag Kulkarni – Play

Premo Yemo by Ramya Behara – Play

College Song by Rahul Sipligunj, Roll Rida – Play

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